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Other order methods

You can order by telephone, fax, or post from RegNow,

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Old browsers

If you have a very old browser, and can't access the secure servers, it's probably an idea to update to a more recent version of your browser.

However, the Reg Soft non secure server will work with older browsers if you can't update yours, and still wish to order on-line.

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English pounds lower cost registration

You can still use the old method, mainly useful if you are in the UK:

Do both 1. and 2.

1. Send a cheque.

Make out a cheque for 2.50 (unlimited play back), 7.50 (unlimited play along from MIDI and MIDI save) or 10 (fully registered) to Robert Walker.

You can post-date the cheque by a month if you like - I will still process it straight away.

Write your e-mail address on the back of the cheque.

Write the name under which you wish to register on the back of the cheque, exactly as you would like it to appear in the About box.

Send the cheque to Robert Walker, Fractal Tune Smithy 1.09 beta preview, 25 Lincoln Road, Oxford, OX1 4TB.

(Advantage is, no handling charge, and you can make the cheque out in English pounds, so no need for the currency conversion to dollars and back to pounds again, so you pay a bit less, and I receive about the same amount).


2. Send an e-mail.

Send an e-mail to , so that I know to expect the cheque.

As content of e-mail, give the name under which you wish to register, exactly as on the back of the cheque.

As soon as I receive the cheque, I will match it against the e-mail message to check the details, and then send an unlock code to you.

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