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Test page.

For the beta (many more features): please visit

For the 1.082 release, July 2000: Shareware Music Machine

To download the FTS beta preview, click here: (1.03 Mb)

Fractal Tune Smithy 1.082


released 20th October 2000

Fractal Tune Smithy Mailing list Upgrading from 1.06 or earlier Midi Clips download Windows C snippets

Screen shot for MIDI clip - Fractal Tune as Score

(Key of A, sharps dark blue)

Midi clip (played on flute)

Intro , Minor updates , Requirements , How to download , Registration , Tips for better sound quality , Links, Reviews

Fractal Tune Smithy is a free download, time limited to ten minutes playing time per session (quite a long time for music).

It also has an alternative freeware mode one minute at a time, with ten second pauses , and no overall time limit, which you can choose at the start of a session.

There is also a time limit of one minute saved time for MIDI files .

It is freeware/shareware. You can use it in the freebie mode as much as you like. If you wish to register, it has a $5 unlock code for unlimited playing time (or $15 or $20, depending on which options you want) . How to register

Here is another midi clip: Wind chimes scale (marimba, ocarina, acoustic guitar and pizzicato strings)

Some MIDI players (noteably, old versions of Windows MPlayer) will need a reset to get back to ordinary twelve tone equal temperament.

Play: B flat then c . Now play Two notes . Do you hear the same note (middle c) twice? If so your player is okay.

If you hear two pitches, you can upgrade your player to one with automatic resets

Windows Media Player (it's free) :)

Alternatively, play Reset after listening to the clips. More details.

For pics, and a gallery of sound clips: Fractal Tune Smithy Home Page


Screen shots

Shortcut to get here: type into the address bar of your browser and hit return.

For news of releases, add your e-mail address to the Mailing list .

The mailing list page also has details of any plans for future versions.

Version 1.09 is nearly finished.

It has context sensitive help for each window.

It has multiple seeds and scales played at the same time, Fibonacci rhythms and tonescapes, ability to reverse / reflect / rotate / invert / permute seeds as the tune progresses.

Play fine shades of accidentals, e.g. in 19-tone and 31-tone music, from p.c. keyboard and music keyboard, using sustain pedal, or Num Lock / Caps lock or Soft pedal etc. to control it.

Option to use p.c. keyboard space bar as sustain pedal (useful if you don't have one on your setup, or when playing along from p.c. keyboard).

Play buttons to hear the seed, mode, or arpeggio before you start playing the fractal tune. Includes options to play arpeggio as a chord, and to play endlessly ascending or descending scales.

Record to a .WAV sound while playing (this last requires a full duplex soundcard).

Also custom voices (e.g. flute + violin played simultaneously, or recorder + timpani, or whatever you like. Or complex timbres, such as prime harmonics all played on the same instrument).

Joystick / mouse "theremin" (just for fun).

Much more.

See FTS 1.09 beta download page.

Mirror site for this page



Minor updates

Bug fixes, updates of the help, or tweaks to improve the program, will be uploaded without change of version number.

To check the upload date for your copy of Fractal Tune Smithy1.082 , type #u into the time for one note box .

Check the most recent upload date here:

last uploaded 30th October 2000

For detailed info about what has been added or changed, see this page: Most recent upload




Windows 95/98. Sound card (to hear the music).



How to download

Click here:

Download Fractal Tune Smithy Setup Program [1.14 Mb]

When prompted, choose to save the file FractalTuneSmithySetup_1082.exe anywhere you like, say, the Windows\Temp directory.

Once the download is complete, locate FractalTuneSmithySetup_1082.exe in Windows Explorer, and double click on it to start the setup process.

You then need to click on the white freeware/shareware developer's license, or press return. Then keep pressing return until the setup is complete.

The installer creates shortcuts in Start | Programs | Fractal Tune Smithy (default location - can be changed during setup).

You can choose whether or not to create a shortcut to fractal tune smithy.exe on the desktop.

It creates a file association for Tune Smithy files, extension .ts , so that you can play them by double clicking on them in Windows Explorer.

The setup is now complete, so you can delete the file FractalTuneSmithySetup_109.exe if you wish.


You will see a folder with the Fractal Tune Smithy program, help, and uninstaller. Double click on the program to start it.

The help shortcut links to all the other help files, and is the one you get to if you click Help... from Fractal Tune Smithy.




You can also download the smaller self extracting zip file, and make the file association and shortcuts yourself.

Download Fractal Tune Smithy Self Extracting Zip File [852 K]

It extracts to a folder "Fractal Tune Smithy" in the current directory.

You can create shortcuts from with Fractal Tune Smithy using File | Command Line Options .


If you prefer the ordinary zip file, here it is: [719 KB]




You can now order your FTS reg. code on-line using a credit card

At RegNow

They will send your reg code immediately by e-mail.

To register once you've got it, enter your name and the reg code into the Register window you see at the start of the session, or use File | Register .


At Reg Soft

They also will send reg code immediately by e-mail.


Other order methods


You can get the complete reg code for $20, which registers FTS completely.

The first half of the reg code, at $5, registers for unlimited playback.

The second half, at $15, registers for unlimited MIDI save, and unlimited play along from MIDI music keyboard.

Unlock code will work for all future updates of the program.


Either half of the reg code registers for unlimited play along from the p.c. keyboard enabled for sound.

Either half also removes the message you see at the start of the session..

To select the Freebie style for the unregistered half of the code, you can use File | Register (changing the style in this way is enabled in all the registered versions of FTS).


If you have version 1.08 or earlier, you need to download current version before you can register for the half reg. codes (they were introduced in version 1.082).

If you downloaded 1.06 or earlier, please make sure you download latest version before registering.

To upgrade a registered version to the complete reg code, order the missing half, and add it to the one you already have. For instance if you are already registered for unlimited Play, order the second half of the code, and paste it after the first half. 

Any questions about registration, or the free download, e-mail to

If you are with a very low income or from a country with low incomes, as many fine musicians are of course, other licensing methods can be arranged. I wouldn't want anyone to be prevented from using FTS to its complete potential because of poverty!

Contact me directly:



Tips for better sound quality

Fratal Tune Smithy plays the fractal melodies using MIDI.

It specifies the instrument, note to play, and exact timings for all the notes. What it generates is somewhat akin to a score , but with exact microsecond timings of the notes, and exact specification of the pitch, and volume for each note.

So what you hear will depend on how your pc plays back that 'score' .

Modern high quality soundcards have actual samples of musicians playing a single note, say, on a Stradivarius violin. Older ones approximate the sound of a violin, or other instruments, as best they can.

So you might be interested in downloading the Yamaha software synthesizer as well. It's available on 90 day trial, and is only 15 if you decide to buy it. It's also an easy way to get an alternative play back for MIDI even if you have a fairly good soundcard.

There are many other software synthesizers available.

There is a fraction of a second delay before the start of playback when using a software synthesizer.You may notice a slow response time when using an FTS option Enable sound to play in the scales / arpeggios using the keys of your p.c. keyboard. If so, you can swap back to your soundcard's onboard synthesizer, which will have a fast response time, and swap back to the software synth for playback.

The S-YG20 needs a Pentium 75 or later (133 or later recommended).

Most speakers that come with modern pc's are not particularly high spec. However if you are keen to get good sound reproduction, you may well be able to send the output of your soundcard to your cd-player, if you have one.




Mary Ackerley makes lovely music using Fractal Tune Smithy with other tools and effects, and her singing voice.

Mary Ackerley's music page.





Fractal Tune Smithy generates music as diverse and intricate as snowflakes.


This fascinating application can generate music that sounds like anything from birdsong to a baroque concerto.



Fractal Tune Smithy Home Page

You can get to the Mirror site for this page by typing into the address bar of your browser.