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violin chords C4-C5, cello broken chords C2 - G4,


Click on any of the numbers to hear a note. The black numbers are for the inward facing vertices of the tetrahedra.

Filled face = otonal, vacant face = utonal.

Spheres at centres of faces play triads, ones at centres of edges play diads.

Cyan spheres: Dyads.

Yellow or blue spheres: Triads.

Red spheres: triads for faces of the outer, framing octahedron (vacant, or filled).

Magenta spheres: utonal triads for middle of vacant face that joins one vertex of outer octahedron to two of the ones of inner tetrahedron.

Red or blue tetrahedra: tetrads

The yellow spheres show through from the inside, so you click on those to hear the inside faces of the tetrahedra. (you can also see the edge spheres showing through from the other side too).

White spheres: pentads.