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RegNow - telephone / fax / post orders

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They need all the information in this table:

First Name:


Last Name:




Billing Address:






Zip/Postal Code:






E-mail address:


Product ID:


Order type:
Unlimited Play, Unlimited Midi In and Save, or Complete


Product Name:

Fractal Tune Smithy

Paying by Telephone or Fax

Toll Free: 877-353-7297
Regular (International): 425-392-2294

Toll Free: 888-353-7276
Regular (International): 425-392-0223

Total amounts will be $8, $18, or $23.00, depending on the order type including handling charges of $3.00


Paying by Check via Postal Mail

Fill in the table. Make out cheque for $7.50, $17.50 or $22.50 to Register Now!, and send to:

Register Now!
Dept# 3669-1
PO Box 1816
Issaquah, WA 98027
United States of America

For international checks, they prefer the funds to be drawn in US dollars. When this is not possible, they will accept checks for a corresponding amount in the country's currency.

Unfortunately, Eurochecks are not accepted.


Purchase Orders

A purchase order must be faxed or mailed to them with all necessary information including billing information.

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