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Other order methods

Telephone or Fax, Purchase orders, Cheque in UK pounds

Telephone or Fax

Toll Free: 877-353-7297
Regular (International): 425-392-2294

Toll Free: 888-353-7276
Regular (International): 425-392-0223

Total amounts will be $8, $18, or $23.00, depending on the order type including handling charges of $3.00

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Purchase Orders

A purchase order must be faxed or mailed to them with all necessary information including billing information.

There's a form with all the details you need to give on the page for orders by post.

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Cheque in UK pounds

You can order the reg code directly from me by cheque in pounds, if you prefer.

Do both 1. and 2.

1. Send a cheque.

Make out a cheque for 2.50 (unlimited play back), 7.50 (unlimited play along from MIDI and MIDI save) or 10 (fully registered) to Robert Walker.

You can post-date the cheque if you like (by a month) and I will still process it straight away.

Send it to Robert Walker, Fractal Tune Smithy 1.082, 25 Lincoln Road, Oxford, OX1 4TB.


2. Send an e-mail.

Send it to , so that I know to expect the cheque.

As soon as I receive the cheque, I will match it against the e-mail message to check the details, and then send an unlock code to you.

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